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We Are Here To Provide Legal Guidance During Some Of Life’s Most Difficult Times
We Are Here To Provide Legal Guidance During Some Of Life’s Most Difficult Times

Protecting Your Loved One When You Suspect Financial Elder Abuse

You may rely on a network of professionals and family members to tend to your elderly loved one when you are no longer able to handle this task yourself. When caregivers use their position to steal from your loved one, you can feel devastated, furious and powerless. Finding justice can be difficult when you are on your own.

Turn to our legal team at Simon Law when you need a compassionate and skilled ally by your side. Our attorneys know how to use the law to hold those responsible accountable for financial elder abuse. Whether you pursue legal action in court, arbitration or in negotiations, we will not rest until we get an outcome that you deserve.

Signs That May Indicate Abuse

Getting a true picture of your loved one’s finances can be complicated by a variety of factors. Financial elder abuse can be perpetuated by professional caregivers as well as family members, which may make you hesitant to dig into the matter.

Your elderly loved one may be ashamed of this abuse, preferring to pretend the theft did not occur. You yourself may have doubts about missing money and bank records that you cannot reconcile.

If you notice these signs, we recommend that you talk to us about your concerns. Any or all of these situations could indicate that your loved one has been financially exploited by someone you trust:

  • There are vast sums of money missing from your loved one’s bank account.
  • Credit card activity is usually high.
  • Your loved one is inexplicably unable to pay for basic expenses because of debt.
  • Valuable possessions have disappeared from your loved one’s residence.
  • Your loved one’s moods have changed.

Before you take action on your own, speak with one of our lawyers. We know how to conduct thorough and discreet investigations to determine whether your loved one has been victimized.

Should we establish that financial abuse did occur, we will meticulously plan our approach. Our founding attorney, David Simon, is a seasoned litigator who knows how to present compelling arguments before juries and judges. From the beginning until the end of your case, we will make it our mission to help you obtain justice and compensation for the emotional and financial losses you have incurred.

You Do Not Need To Face This Matter Alone

We are here to help. Please call (415) 523-7847 or email our firm to schedule an appointment with a compassionate elder law attorney. Our offices are centrally located in San Francisco and Walnut Creek. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today.