Elder Abuse

Elder abuse rights have been put in place to protect those who are 65 years or older. For those that are sick or disabled and between the ages of 18-64, or have a caregiver because they are physically or mentally disabled, an elder abuse lawyer can assist in determining if you would qualify for these rights.

Elder abuse is difficult to imagine. Are the bed sores you see normal or have one of your parents been subjected to nursing home abuse? Are you an elder abuse victim? Do you think senior citizen physical abuse has occurred? Has an elderly relative experienced financial abuse? Do you need to report a case of elder abuse or do you need a CA elder abuse attorney?

There are several areas of elder abuse. These would include senior citizen physical abuse; elder neglect; sexual assault or senior sexual abuse and elder financial abuse. Some signs of physical elder abuse would include bruises on the body; marks around the wrists and ankles; or wounds on the body. Sexual assault on the elderly can be by a caregiver, family member or nursing home staff member. Elder neglect is when your loved one does not receive the proper care, such as water to drink; food to eat; medical care when needed and a warm place to stay.

Elder abuse at nursing homes.

Nursing home elder abuse occurs most often when there are a lot of new employees treating your parent or too many patients for a nurse to handle. Elder hospital abuse can occur when there is not enough medical staff.

Elder financial abuse is another area a family member should pay attention to for their parents.

The person who is taking care of your loved one, defined as a caregiver, may keep money for themselves while paying bills or grocery shopping. A different family member may sell off (or take) valuable items from the home and pocket money. Accounts can be mismanaged or property sold or stolen. Contacting an elder abuse attorney can stop this from happening.

It can be hard to tell if elder physical abuse or elder financial abuse is going on. This is why you need to contact an elder abuse attorney as soon as you think there is a problem. Waiting can lead to a worse medical condition, or to missing assets.

An elder abuse attorney knows the law. An elder abuse lawyer knows how to use the legal process to get immediate help for your loved one. The elder abuse attorney can get the information needed to show the court what your parent or grandparent has suffered. Elder abuse lawyers can take pictures to show the physical abuse; ask the court to stop the elder neglect and demand proper care for your loved one.

Elder abuse attorneys at Simon Law know what rights are in the Elder Abuse & Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act. We know the proper court to file your case in and the procedures for immediate assistance. As elder abuse attorneys we know that these cases usually resolve by money settlements, although right now the immediate concern is proper care for your loved one.