Dog Bites

At Simon Law, we know that a dog biting you or your child is a terrifying feeling. Many questions pop into your mind. Does the dog have rabies or other disease? Who will pay for my doctor? Will I have a scar? What happens if the dog has not had its shots? Do I need to get a shot? Will my child have nightmares? Who is responsible? How do I get the money to pay for everything? Do I need a California dog bite attorney?

People involved in a dog bite attack do have rights. Many times, dog bite victims are young children, teens, elderly, and workers like the mailman and UPS. For children and teens, parents will be required to handle their dog bite case for them. Review of your case with a dog bite lawyer will explain your options.

There two different types of dog bite rights you are entitled to receive. These rights are known as damages. The first type of damages includes being paid back for the money you spent on your dog bite injury. This would include medical treatment; medications; ambulance cost; plus counseling for nightmares and anxiety, from the dog attack. Lost wages for time off of work are also included.

The second type of damages is payment for acts you cannot see but will experience. This would be the pain you feel from the dog bite or shame or disfigurement from a scar. This is commonly referred to as pain and suffering A dog bite attorney can explain these types of damages plus the California law on dog bites to review what you should receive legally for the dog attack.

The California dog bite statute is very clear that dog owners are financially responsible for bites from their dogs. The dog bite can be very bad and require stitches or not break the skin but leave terrible bruises. Both situations are entitled to money damages, as long as these two very important points can be proven, 1- the person owns the dog; and 2- the dog bit you.

Where a dog bite occurs can make a difference in your case. When dog bites happen at a home with the dog owner present, then the California dog bite statute finds the dog owner financially responsible for the dog bite. But what if the dog bite happens at the beach while the dog is off the leash and the dog owner is not there? Or in an office which allows pets to run free? All of these are the types of cases that you want to get a dog bite attorney to speak to quickly.

A dog bite lawyer is needed as you are not familiar with the legal terms or process. The attorney will prepare your case and protect your rights as a dog bite victim. A dog bite lawyer will know how to gather the information needed to prove this in court. Simon Law will take photographs of the dog bite injuries, get medical records, the dog owner's name, and interview witnesses to prepare your case. The dog bite attorney knows what the law is and how to make it work for you.

Money settlements are the usual way to resolve dog bite injury cases. Simon Law will do everything necessary to ensure that your needs are taken care of, and that you are compensated for being bitten.