We Help Preserve Relationships Through Parenting Plans

Few issues matter more to parents than a child custody arrangement. At Simon Law, we know how important it is for parents to maintain relationships with their children. We will do everything we can to help you come to an arrangement that promotes the best interests of the child and maintains your loving relationship with your children.

An Experienced Negotiator Looking Out For Your Interests

In your initial meeting with us, we will discuss your goals regarding parenting time and visitation. We will explore all options and the benefits and consequences of the choices before you. Our preferred method is to work diligently to secure you a parenting plan that works for all involved without causing undue conflict. But we always stand up for your rights, including at trial when necessary.

Former prosecutor and experienced trial attorney David Simon knows what it means to be involved in high-stakes legal proceedings. While he has worked at large law firms in hundred-million-dollar litigation, he knows that the stakes are never higher than when your children are involved.

You can trust Simon Law to protect your interests and guard your rights while maintaining a professional, effective and ethical approach. As an experienced negotiator, he knows what it takes to come to the table prepared and ready to reach a resolution that works for you.

We are located in Walnut Creek, California, and represent clients throughout Contra Costa County and the San Francisco area.

We Can Anticipate And Mitigate Future Custody Issues

In addition to protecting your rights and working toward a fair resolution, your child custody lawyer must be able to anticipate and prevent future custody issues. For example, what will happen if your ex-spouse wants to take the children on an extended vacation? What happens if your ex-spouse is late dropping off the children?

A thorough and negotiated parenting plan can help all sides come to an understanding about the roles and obligations each parent has in regard to the children.

In addition, if a significant change in circumstances occurs, Simon Law can help you modify existing custody arrangements to better reflect the current situation.

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