Client Testimonials

As a former client, I cannot say enough positive things about David Simon. He is knowledgeable, reliable, thorough, dedicated, creative, sincere, conscientious, compassionate, and a champion for justice. As a fellow attorney, I can confidently recommend him on a professional level, as well. His legal skills are top notch and he leaves no stone unturned in his approach to difficult issues. His written work is strong, clear, authoritative and persuasive. He is comfortable in all legal settings and performs his client representation with passion and verve. I recommend him whole-heartedly to serve as an attorney and I happily and often do so. --Eve D.

David's handling of my injury case was very professional and resolved very quickly. I was injured in an automobile accident which required 5 months of physical therapy. I tried handling the case myself with the two insurance companies that were involved in the case but I was getting the run around from both companies after a year and a half, so I knew that I needed some professional help. I had met David through a friend and knew that he had handled injury cases before so I enlisted his help. He was able to get the case moving and get a resolution in a short period of time. I was so happy to get the case settled quickly and professionally.--Rod W.

David was a referral from one of my clients that I respect ----- this is the ONLY way I will contact a new service provider. I asked my client if he knew an attorney that was experienced - and was capable of truly listening before giving 'advice'.
David was both --- and in addition, demonstrated a sincere, genuine level of compassion with regards to all the parties involved.
I recommend David now to all who ask me if I know a 'good' attorney --- knowing full well that they will not be disappointed --- and that they will find David Simon to be an 'excellent' attorney.--Daniel K.

Mr. Simon is GREAT, PATIENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and kept me up to date with the case. I was going through a family tragedy while the case was pending. He was so patient during my difficult time. He didn't let the case drag on but was able to get more money than I expected. My family attorney did not see merit in my case, and declined to take it. A colleague of Mr. Simon's referred him to me. If I should need an attorney in the future it will definitely be David Simon without hesitation. As a licensed medical professional, I was impressed how knowledgeable he was in the medical, federal, state and local law arenas.--Rita K.

Very knowledgeable, has the facts at his fingertips, has excellent judgment, great integrity, a superb negotiator, available, responsive, a pleasure to work with, and he won big for me beyond all expectations!--Brian G.


I recently met David Simon at the home of one of his clients. The meeting lasted just under an hour, during which I was able to get a good idea of how David operates professionally. He was very attentive to his client's needs and remained focused and directed. He was prepared for our meeting and the documents we looked over were organized and complete. Each document was thoroughly reviewed for accuracy. This helped make the meeting run efficiently and smoothly. He was very pleasant to talk to and I enjoyed working with him.
I have worked at a law firm for the past 7 years and these qualities are all very important in the legal profession. (Well, really in all professions). Some attorneys can seem very rushed and impersonal. It's nice when you encounter ones who treat you with a high level of respect.--Amy P.

I don't know how I would have gotten through the past several months without David Simon and his staff. He spent a Sunday at my house assisting a terminally ill family member in getting his affairs in order. After the death, he explained what needed to be done and took care of most of the paperwork required to settle everything. He was supportive and assisted with tasks I had to perform with trust matters. David is kind and professional. His analytic ability and knowledge are amazing. I think so highly of David Simon and Simon Law that I have hired him to update my own will and trust. I wouldn't consider anyone else.--Janet W.

I hate taking the time to post on this YELP thingy and yet when someone as gifted as David Simon provides me a service worth boasting about . . . I have to make the time, albeit some 5 months later =)

The nutshell version of my review: David Simon is an All Star and I'll pick him first to be on my team every time for dodge ball and Trust Estate matters.

As I write this, if only you could see my smile . . . it is with immense sincerity that I recommend and say when in need of legal services that align with Estate planning, Family or Personal Injury law - Pick David Simon first and put him in your line up as lead off hitter. He'll get on base every time.

David is an extremely bright attorney and has a rare blend of experience, analytical and engaging inter personal skills. I can speak directly to his achievements which he performed with radar precision in the execution of "my desired wishes" that resulted in my Living Trust, which was quite complex. I found other attorneys with whom I consulted steering me in the direction of "their desired wishes" rather than "my desired wishes". What I discovered was their desired wishes were those that fit into their "boiler plate" Trust document and made it easier for them to execute, rather than giving a bit more thought and time into putting my wishes into words. David not only tackled putting my wishes into "make sense" terms, he was instrumental in providing me with direction that I had not even yet given consideration too. He demonstrated extraordinary diligence and perseverance through out the construction of my Irrevocable Living Trust, soliciting feedback each step of the way.

David Simon's meticulous approach in problem solving is exceptional and above all others I have had dealings with.

Hey, if you have read this far, I'm thankful and glad in some little way I have been able to assist you in giving serious consideration to . . . picking David Simon First for your team. I am confident your engaging David Simon for your legal services will prove beneficial, resulting in favorable outcomes. --Lee V.

I am a very satisfied client of Simon Law, and I unconditionally recommend David Simon to anybody in need of a lawyer.

I recently found myself in a difficult situation with my employer, one that made me feel intimidated, scared and depressed. I needed legal help, and I dreaded the prospect. I had preconceived notions that attorneys are usually aggressive, pushy, and arrogant, and generally act with their own interests in mind. Through a friend, I contacted David Simon and was delighted to find just the opposite. In my experience, he was a terrific professional. He analyzed my situation and proposed a number of options for me. Throughout the entire process, I always knew that any decisions would be mine, and that his role was to serve as my advisor and advocate. He is smart, efficient, and has lots of savvy.

The biggest surprise was discovering David to be a man of great compassion and empathy, in addition to the excellent professional service I received. He helped me feel as good as possible during an unhappy crisis in my life. --Tom M.

We sought Mr. Simon's legal services in early 2010 regarding an ongoing landlord/tenant that escalated to the Superior Court. Mr. Simon helped us navigate through the complexities of an overwhelming process by clearly explaining the legal procedure and our rights. He went above and beyond to not only advise us, but did his due diligence in researching other similar cases to ensure we were set up for success. While in the courtroom, he maintained excellent composure while confronting the other party and remained clear and concise when addressing the judge. Under his counsel, we were successful in winning 100% of our settlement and Mr. Simon's attorney's fees. Mr. Simon maintained consistent and thorough follow-up and managed all communications with the other party to ensure we were able to collect our judgment. I would recommend Mr. Simon's service to anyone who is need to legal advice or representation regarding any matter--from the most simple to complex of matters. He is incredibly knowledgeable and he will work hard for your success! --Deepta D.

I would highly recommend David Simon if you are in need of a competent, professional and compassionate attorney who will defend your interests like if they were his own, but always making sure that everything he does is towards your best interests.

I was recommended to Mr. David Simon, for a highly-complicated H.O.A situation, and he worked with me on the best approach to resolving my legal obstacles.

Mr. Simon explained each step as we moved forward with the process, and was in constant communication with me. He helped take the anxiety out of what could have been a devastating financial situation for me, particularly when my nemesis consisted of an H.O.A, Real Estate Developers, two very large law firms in San Francisco, along with two smaller firms.

Bottom line Mr. Simon defended me with a tough legal defense, and I am very happy that I was referred to him and i would not hesitate to hire Mr. Simon again.

If you need an attorney, call David Simon! --Eduardo L.

About year and a half ago I had a legal problem with an employer which required I utilize an attorney. I was referred to Simon Law by a co-worker. I really did not think anyone would be able to resolve the problem for me. About a year and three months into it David Simon reached an agreement with the employer I am comfortable with. I cannot go into details as I am under a gag, but I will say this; I was compensated to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend him to others and am glad I listened to my co-worker. Thanks David! --Morgan C.

David Simon is a great lawyer. He helped us deal with the consequences of a major fire in our apartment that destroyed the entire building and two adjacent properties. He quickly gained our trust over the two years that it took to resolve this case. He gave us clear explanations of complex legal issues and kept us well informed on what to expect at all times. He took very good care of us, kept our insurance company honest and negotiated hard on our behalf. He is very articulate, persistent, astute... and a nice person too. --Javier C.

David Simon is an incredible attorney. He was able to resolve an issue for me, that otherwise would have resulted in possibly being held up in the courts for several years. David is knowledgeable, and I would definitely refer him to everyone. Thank you Mr Simons for resolving my issue in a timely manner! --Nicholas T.

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